Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vehicle Manufacturers License Information - Motorcycles, trailers, LSVs, off-road vehicles,...


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In order to manufacture and sell vehicles you must be licensed with the USDOT.  Once you've done that you will be issuing your own 17 digit VIN numbers and MCOs (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin) which is basically a pre-title to your vehicles.

The process of doing the registration and licensing, creating your VIN codes, etc is a bit of a paper chase.  I can handle the USDOT license process for you for only $975 for the manufacturing of any or even all of the following -- motorcycles (choppers, trikes, etc), trailers (from motorcycle-haul-behind trailers to semi-trailers), and LSVs/NEVs (Low Speed Vehicles/Neighborhood Electric Vehicles).  This includes all costs.  There are no hidden fees, extras, or recurring fees.  This is a permanent license.

Even if you are only planning on building one bike, you are much better off getting your federal license and issuing yourself a 17 digit VIN number than going through your state's "special construction" process which will leave you with a short state ID number (typically 8 to 14 digits) that significantly diminishes the value of your bike.  Special construction numbered vehicles are often hard to transfer, impossible to insure for anything but liability, can't be financed, and can't cross international borders -- e.g. to Canada.

Getting this one-time license for $975 will add more than that to the value of even one bike.  If someone sees your bike and wants you to build them one, you are all set to build them a bona fide, professionally numbered, legitimate motorcycle rather than a home-made kit.

I get you licensed right and I set-up and explain your VIN code system and get you ALL of the information and instructions you will need for handling VIN numbers, VIN labels, and MCOs.  I set up printing templates for you for your MCOs and VIN labels AND I get you a free starter packet of MCO forms and VIN labels to get you going!!!!

I take very good care of my clients.  Other VIN  consultants do a lot less and charge a whole lot more -- some charge $5,000 or more for the same or less service.

I will get you licensed in a period of about 2 to 4 weeks.  There are NO hassles, NO headaches, NO inspections and NO background checks.  I handle the red-tape paper chase behind the scenes with no hassle for you.

The USDOT is ONLY concerned that you outfit each vehicle with the required safety equipment.  That is pretty easy to do.  If an end-user removes or changes anything, that is their problem not yours.

I will get you all of the information you need to do your MCOs and VIN numbers and labels, etc. and I can answer just about any questions that you come up with.


U.S. Motorcycle Manufacturer License

You can become a bona-fide vehicle manufacturer - motorcycles, LSVs, trailers, etc. and issue valid 17 digit VIN numbers and MCOs (aka MSOs) to convert into state-issued titles at the DMV.

I handle the whole process and registration system for you including all documentation and fees; set-up your VIN code system and register that; and get you a starter packet of MCO forms and VIN labels.  Basically, for only $975  I completely set you up!!

Motorcycles are defined as having fewer than 4 wheels in contact with the road at any given time.  So bikes AND trikes are motorcycles.   Motorcycles are required to have DOT street-legal tires, DOT brake hoses, brake fluids, full lighting, mirrors, and horn.


The state-issued vehicle number that you get as a regular home-builder is no where near as desirable as the 17 digit manufacturer VIN number for many reasons.

Special construction numbered vehicles are hard to transfer, impossible to finance or to insure (other than liability), and they aren't aloud across international borders -- such as into Canada.

Additionally, as a manufacturer, you avoid all of the hassles of state police/DMV inspections and paper-work.  You self-certify your vehicles as a USDOT registered vehicle manufacturer and simply convert you MCOs into state-issued titles at the DMV or through a dealership service counter in most states.


Motorcycle frame builders can get their motorcycle manufacturer license and then issue 17 digit VIN-valid frame numbers that can then be used by DMVs as the VIN for the complete home-built bike instead of a state-issued number - giving your customers a much more valuable frame.

Frankly for the low cost of becoming a bona fide vehicle manufacturer at my price of just $975  there is no reason not to do it, even just to build a motorcycle for yourself and have a nice legal 17 digit VIN'd bike.  The $975 cost includes a starter packet of MCO forms and VIN labels that you can use with your inkjet printer and you have added more than a couple thousand dollars to the value of your bike just by having it be a legal manufactured motorcycle with a legal manufacturer's 17 digit VIN number.  So why not do that?

Why hassle with the special construction/home-made process and end up with a less than desirable 10 - 14 digit state-issued vehicle number or an improperly affixed 17 digit VIN that may come back to bite you in the keester someday?

It is well-worth the $975 to become a completely legal vehicle manufacturer even if it is just to build one motorcycle for yourself.   The value this adds to one bike more than makes up the cost.  I will handle the whole process for you and answer any questions.


You can build trailers from small tow-being-motorcycle trailers on up to even semi-trailers for hauling equipment, camping gear, boats, vehicles, etc.  Trailers are a great business because you have a fairly minimal safety situation and less liability since a trailer does not carry people.  Also you have no EPA concerns.  I can get your USDOT license to manufacturer trailers and issue 17 digit VINs an MCOs.


LSVs and NEVs

LSVs and NEVs are defined by the USDOT as small 4 wheel cars often based on golf carts limited to a maximum speed of 25 mph.  State rules effecting LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles) and MSVs (Medium Speed Vehicles) may vary somewhat from state to state.

LSV Low Speed Vehicle Manufacturer License
LSVs are required to have various safety features such as DOT lighting (headlights, brake lights, turn signals, taillights), 2 mirrors (a left-side exterior mirror is required and at least one of the following - inside mirror or right-side exterior mirror -- or both of course), DOT-approved windshield, DOT brake lines, DOT-approved street legal tires,  Reflex reflectors (one red on each side as far to the rear as practicable, and one red on the rear) parking brake, seat belts in all seating positions, and a 17 digit USDOT manufacturer VIN number which I can handle getting arranged for you:

Off Road Vehicle Manufacturer License

If you wish to manufacturer off-road vehicles (dirt bikes, sand rails, dune buggies, ATVs, snowmobiles, beach buggies, go karts, etc.) there is an additional cost.  The Off-Road Vehicle Manufacturer License costs an additional $1,000 up front and there is a $500 per year renewal fee.  Those are direct ad fees to the licensing departments involved on top of the usual base consulting cost.